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Welcome to Mystic Grove

Welcome to Mystic Grove, Massachusetts! I am Musicat, the owner of the Magical Fairy Apothecary. In this shop you will discover many wonders and resources to help you live a magical and joyful life. We specialize in handmade and natural items such as incense, teas, stones, jewelry, and fairy magic. Yes, I did say that; fairy magic.

Mystic Grove is a special town and our Apothecary is at the very heart of it! Our town is well-known for it's seasonal celebrations, wonderful shops and tourist attractions, and occasional odd occurrences. On the surface, Mystic Grove is just like any other countryside town, but underneath it's surface lies a special magic not seen by all.

My daughter Willow and I are going to take you along on our adventures and let you in on some of the secrets that Mystic Grove has hidden within its beauty. I hope you will join us!

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